Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Cake Pops

I haven't had any reason to bake lately up until now.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I couldn't wait to try to make something.  So I decided to attempt to make heart shaped cake pops.  It ended up being rather easy.  I took my cake and frosting mixture - red velvet of course.  Since its red!!!  I pressed my mixture into a heart shaped cookie cutter and voila!  My heart shaped cake pops were here!!!  The one thing I will make mention is that you need to make sure the thickness of the shape is thick enough for a lollipop stick to go in.  A couple of mine were starting to break a little but nothing a little candy melt couldn't hide and fix!!!

Here you can see the thickness of the cake pops.  With the candy melt it's roughly 3/4 of an inch thick.  The white and pink dipped hearts needed to be dipped twice to hide the dark red velvet cake - otherwise you could see the darkness at the edges.  Happy Valentine's Day!!!!