About Me

I'm a 30-something mom with an amazing and wonderfully supportive husband.  I have three sons - one being a chocolate lab!  I've been baking for many years - well back to my elementary school days (mid-80's).  My mom was wonderful!  She taught me everything in the kitchen.  How to crack an egg, level a scoop of flour, roll out dough, how to use yeast, I mean EVERYTHING!  I owe my mom a lot for her patience and for cleaning up after my messy attempts in the kitchen.  If it weren't for her - I don't think my passion for baking would be the way it is.  So I guess that's good and bad - good because I love baking but bad because baking isn't exactly the most figure friendly!  Ha ha!  But I decided to create this blog to share my baking adventures past and current.