Monday, November 19, 2012

Beach Themed Wedding Shower Cake

A friend of mine was throwing a wedding shower for her sister and asked me to make the cake.  I was more than thrilled as I couldn't wait to test out another tiered cake.  And this time - a beach themed cake!!  I immediately started to think of sand, sea, dolphins and seashells.  I mentioned this and putting flip flops on the top of the cake with a wedding ring and ker-BLAM!  My idea was put to work.

 This is the final outcome.  The seashells, star fish and ring on top of the cake were all made out of white chocolate using molds.
 The flip flops were made out of cake and covered in fondant.  I used a flip flop shaped cookie cutter for the shape.  I used fondant for the straps of the flip flops. Instead of cutting out cardboard for the flip flop cakes to sit on I just used sugar cookies to lay the cake on and then put on the cake.  I made decorated flip flop sugar cookies too which I'll post another day.
 I used brown sugar for the sand.  I added dolphins in the shape of a heart on 3 of 4 sides of the base cake.
This is a back view of the cake.  This was made out of yellow cake with strawberry and vanilla pudding fillings.

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