Thursday, November 15, 2012

Elephant Birthday Cake

This is a busy week for me!  And I LOVE it!!!  One of my girlfriends asked me a couple of months ago to make her sister's wedding shower cake.  Then added on cookies and then asked if I might be able to squeeze in making a Birthday cake for her niece.  And all for the same weekend!!!!  So I made my plan of attack to manage all 3 requests.  Now mind you - I'm a full-time working wife & mom!  How does one do all this - well, lots of planning - and definitely some lack of sleep is involved!!  Ha Ha!  But I wouldn't do it if I didn't truly enjoy and love doing this!  So the cake pictured below is based off of the Elephant Cake Pan by Wilton.  But since the odds of me making another elephant cake are slim I decided to just stick to my usual 9 x 13 cake and just decorate the Elephant right on.

I definitely mimicked the ideas and images that Wilton showed for the cake pan and then just hand piped on what I wanted to do.  I'm more than happy with how it turned out!

I decided not to cover up the Elephant with the birthday greeting so I just piped it on the side of the cake instead.  I used the start tip and piped on I don't know how many stars.  I hope the birthday girl enjoys her cake!!!

Now off to decorate some flip flop cookies and a Beach themed wedding shower cake!!!

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