Friday, January 27, 2012

Special Agent Oso Birthday Cake

We had a Special Agent Oso themed birthday party.  I made a pinata, a poster for pin the "paw pilot" on Oso and we also had a station for the kids to make their own party hats.  I have pictures of all this after the cake.

Here is the cake.  This was not the original design.  I originally wanted to use the Wilton Bear Stand Up pan but after 2 thwarted attempts I gave up and decided to just hand pipe Oso's face onto the cake.  I will try my hand at that Stand Up pan again.  I have not given up completely yet!  :-)

This is the pinata that I made.  After 11 kids tried to destroy it and only the arms fell off, I had to pull in my 9 year old nephew to the rescue to get all the candy out.  Guess I made it too good!

This was the party hat making station.  I just found a simple party hat template online, added the three main characters from Disney's Oso cartoon and then left out ribbon to attach to the hat for the kids to be able to wear the hats.

This was the special birthday boy's hat!

And here is the poster that I made with some of the "Paw Pilots" already in place.  It was a great time!  Now what are we going to do next year, I'll worry about that come November!

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