Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Football Birthday Cake

I haven't baked for a while until last week when I made 4 dozen cupcakes and 3 cakes.  It was my son's 1st birthday party.  Here is one of the cakes I made.  My brother-in-law's birthday was the very next day after our birthday celebration so I wanted to honor his birthday as well.

My BIL is a big football fan so I felt it was only appropriate to have a football shaped cake for him.  I made a chocolate cake for some of my cupcakes and used the leftover batter to pour into a bread pan.  Then I carved the cake into a football shape.  I layered it with just a layer of vanilla buttercream frosting.  The whole cake is covered in an Espresso Chocolate frosting.  Then I added my simple decorations with some more vanilla buttercream frosting.  Mmmmmm Yummy!!!

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