Monday, June 4, 2012

Boy Scout/Camp Smores Cake

This cake is a little bit of everything that the title says it is.  I've made my newphew's birthday cake many many times now.  Typically there is always a theme but this year - I think because he is getting older - he really didn't care and my sister didn't have a theme.  So I asked what he was really into right now and she said he just finished cub scouts and was now starting boy scouts.  So I decided to do a boy scout cake.  My sister originally said to just do the boy scout emblem on the cake - yum can I say "BOR-ING!"  Ha ha.  But I looked and looked for ideas on the wonderful world wide web and low and behold found some fascinating camp cakes.  And would you know it - I incorporated the emblem by way of a flag (see 2nd photo).

 So here is the "camp site".  The trees are made using a mini ice cream cones and I piped on buttercream frosting.  The tree on the left in the corner I placed on with a pretzel rod so it would stand up a little taller for a little more height to the cake.
 Here is the emblem.
 The fire was made with a cut up pretzel rod.  I dipped the cut off ends in chocolate so it would look nice.  I just used red and yellow buttercream for the fire.  The "rocks" are just gray blobs of buttercream.
 The tent is made with 2 graham crackers and chocolate to hold it together.
 Just another view.
And I finally have a shot of the cake cut in to.  Now you can see all the layers I did.  This was actually a double recipe of the graham cracker cake and I just sliced the cakes it made in 1/2.  Filled those with marshamallow filling and then filled the 2 cakes together with a chocolate fudge filling.  This was my Smores inspired cake.  It was delicious!!!!  I will be making this again - and in fact - I will probably be making the graham cracker cake into Smores Cake Pops!!!!

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  1. very nice cake. can you share your buttercream recipe?