Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

I did another Frozen Buttercream Transfer for this cake.  It sure does help especially when working with black frosting.  One goof with black frosting and good luck covering it up or fixing it.  I got my images off the internet - I chose soccer Mickey & Minnie because my nieces and nephew are currently playing soccer so I thought it was rather fitting.

This actually took me less time to do than the Thomas transfer - I think because it was my second go at the technique it really helped to be prepared.
A close up of Minnie.  You can see the frosting extends around the hand on the right and her eyelashes so I wouldn't lose those details in the transfer.
And a close upr of Mickey. 
I sprayed the outside edge with Yellow Color Mist.  I just love having color in a can!!!
And a close up of my borders.  I added some yellow dots on the top border to give it more color. 

The cake was a white cake with 2 layers of a whipped cream vanilla filling frosted with a white buttercream.

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