Monday, September 12, 2011

Airplane & Hangar Cake

This past weekend I finished up a birthday cake for a 1 and 3 year old. The request was an airplane and I stepped it up with a Hangar cake too for the 1 year old to use as his "smash" cake.

I made the propeller out of white chocolate. I tried to make the cake look like the airplane was looking to land and that it was flying through the clouds.

A view of the birthday greeting.

Back view of the plane.

Here you can see that the plane is elevated above the half sheet cake.

Close up of the plane.

I put the kids' last name on the plane.

Side view showing the detail on the hangar.

Back view of the hangar.

Better front view of the hangar.

Another back view showing the "bushes", "trees" and "clouds".

Full back view of the cake.

And finally, a view from the top. All of the cake was made with a white moist cake batter. I swirled in some blue food coloring in the batter so the cake ended up looking blue when you cut into it. I didn't do any fillings. I also made a dozen cupcakes and had a few leftover which a couple of my friends taste tested for me and said were delicious! I hope the guests of honor were happy!!!

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