Thursday, September 1, 2011

Airplane Practice Cake & Wilton's Color Mist

So I'm prepping and planning for a 1st & 3rd birthday party cake.  The challenge - make an airplane cake and have enough cake to serve 45-50 people.  So after some much thought I came up with the layout of having a 1/2 sheet cake, plus two smaller cakes - 1 airplane and 1 hangar.  The hangar will be used as the 1st birthday boy's smash cake.  Then add a dozen cupcakes which should be fun for the little kids.  Who doesn't love a cupcake?!?!

So in my recent week of baking I had made an extra 8 x 8 cake.  I knew when I had the time I was going to test out the airplane body and how I wanted to carve it, etc.  So this is my first attempt.  I'm so pleased with it.  I didn't do any detailing because this was just my test.  I really wanted to make sure I could get the shape and size appropriately.  Plus figure out the timing on it so I know how to plan out my week when I make the real deal!

I also came across a new product - well new to me at least.  Wilton's Color Mist.  I have a photo of the can at the very end of this post.  I won't use it on the end product but I wanted to see how it was going to turn out because I'm toying with using it on another cake I'll be making next week too.  I think I still need to do some practicing.  But I dirty iced the plane cake with basic buttercream and then put it in the freezer to set as I didn't have time to let it set in the fridge over night.

Then I put another clean layer of buttercream on the plane and then sprayed it all with color mist.  Here is a photo of the plane from above.  It's all cake minus the "white clouds" which is just frosting.

And here is the color mist.  A few tidbits of info.  Like hairspray - when this is used you can definitely smell an "off" kind of odor because of it being an aerosol can.  So definitely use this in a highly ventilated area.  I ended up blowing my nose about a 1/2 hour after I was done decorating and cleaning up and not to be gross or anything - but the kleenex was covered in red coloring from the mist.  Be careful as with any kind of "painting" that you don't layer on too much.  I had a couple of heavy spots which made little runs on the frosting.  I attempted to use a paper towel to clean them up but it ended up removing part of the frosting instead of just the running color.  Would I use the product again?!?  Most likely.  Until I can afford and get my own airbrush machine, I will continue to play and work with these color mists.

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