Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cake Decorating Class #1 Final Cake

So last night was the last class of the first of three I plan on taking.  This class was Wilton's Basic Cake Decorating Class.  Again, it was just a refresher for me as I've taken the class before many moons ago.  Last week the instructor said we had to frost our cake, put our greeting on the cake and put our bottom border on prior to class.  Since we don't really have any parties coming up and I knew the cake was going to come to my work or my husband's work I decided to just go with the upcoming Labor Day holiday as my theme.  As you can see below I went red, white and blue.  Let me tell you - it was super challenging to get two different colors iced on the cake without bleeding in to one another. 

I must say, I'm really starting to get the hang of writing on cakes.  Practice, practice, practice!  It gets much easier the more you do it.

The focus on last night's class were the roses.  I was a rebel - I opted to go again with the rose I was taught with.  I guess Wilton changed the technique to make it easier for the first class but then they teach the other rose in the next class. 

As you can see, I added some "stars" on the side of my cake too.  I did a simple "pearl" border on both the bottom and top.

And here is a view looking straight down at my cake.  Not too shabby if I must say so myself!  I'm completely looking forward to the next class.  I don't remember how to do many of the flowers so this will be a great learning opportunity for me. 

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