Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Passed!!!!

So I get home yesterday and am going through the mail and I see this envelope marked Health Department.  I'm thinking to myself why on earth would I be getting something from the Health Department.  Did they know my entire family was sick last week?!?!  Are they telling me that we are being quarantined for some weird disease?!?  Clearly the quarantine thought was just for fun.  But I open the envelope and see Congratulations you passed.  And I'm still like, passed what?!?  Then it hits me - the results for my Food Safety & Sanitation exam I took 4 weeks ago - it feels like it was months ago - has finally arrived.  Phew!  And I didn't just pass - I totally passed with flying colors!  Gotta love when you work so hard for something and the results show themselves!  Ahhh!!!  Now the relief has really settled over me. 

I just wish I had more time to bake.  I will be posting the dipped pretzels I made 2 weeks ago.  I just keep forgetting to get my photos.  Christmas is in full force.  I'm finally finishing up my Christmas Cards to get in the mail tomorrow and then I have a few Christmas gifts to make for my brother's kids.  Busy busy busy!  Hopefully I can start cookie baking this weekend!  I gotta get some fun Christmas cookies made before the holiday has come and gone!

Off to do some planning...

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