Friday, December 2, 2011

Turkey Cake Pops

Thanks to one of my close friends I got sucked into being on the bandwagon of those who make cake pops.  I had never heard of them until this past summer when my friend made monkey cake pops for her daughter's birthday.  Ever since, I sort of check out what holiday-ish cake pops I could make an excuse to attempt to make.  Since we were hosting Thanksgiving I thought how fun it would be to have little turkeys decorating the tables and also act as that little something sweet that everyone could take home.

 Here is the turkey all bagged up and ready to go home.
 I made a few adjustments to the way I made my cake pops.  Many people stick the pretzel sticks in after they dip the body.  I'm always afraid that my cake ball is going to fall off my stick.  So any kind of candy pressing into the cake ball is done prior to dipping as much as possible.  I added a Pretzel covered M&M as the head.
 I just used colored candy melts a piping bag and a small round tip to add the eyes, beak and the little gobbler as I call it - the jugular!  :-)
 The pretzel sticks I added a little bit of orange at the end to act as the claw feet.
Here is a view of the back.  I laid my candy corn down on wax paper and plopped my dipped cake pop onto the candy corn until the candy melts hardened.  Again some people choose to stick the candy corn into the cake pop.  I thought this was easiest and you could see the "feathers".

These were a big hit and I'm looking forward to making something for Christmas.  The ideas are already flowing!

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