Thursday, October 6, 2011

60 Cupcake Challenge

So my day job asked me if I wouldn't mind making some cupcakes for our CEO's 20th Anniversary.  First off, my response was that I was beyond honored that I was being asked.  Then I hear how many - 60 - SIXTY!!!  My mouth almost dropped but I kept my composure cool and calm like it was nothing.  When I was bubbling inside with excitement!!!  I don't think people understand how much I really REALLY enjoy baking.  My husband isn't much of a sweets eater which benefits us both.  It means we don't keep sweets in the house because I would be the one to devour them all.  And that wouldn't really exactly help me since I've been on the Weight Watchers Points Plus program for the last 4 months.  And am proud to say I'm down 27 pounds!!  Then comes the - What?!??!  You bake sweets and still lose weight - How?!?!  Most of the time the sweet treats are for my friends, family or co-workers so I'm passing the extra calories aside to others!  :-)  Don't get me wrong - I definitely indulge in my share of sweet treats I just track them in my points!  Well - on to the 60 cupcake challenge!!!!

 So 30 of the cupcakes are decorated with the number 20.  I used Wilton's Pearlized Sprinkles - Sugar Pearls on top of the stars I piped out.
 Here I used Wilton's Pearlized Sprinkles - Silver Pearlized Sugar around the edge and just piped the "ACB"  in buttercream icing.
 A side view of the pearlized sugar.
 This is a little better photo using the flash of the 20 year cupcakes.
And here is just a view of what 1 dozen look like.  30 cupcakes are chocolate and 30 are vanilla.  I used a simple buttercream frosting for the entire frosting and decoration.  Many Congratulations to our CEO!!!

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