Friday, October 7, 2011

Flames & Fire Truck Cupcakes

I LOVE themed birthday parties!!!  In a couple of months my hubby and I will begin planning our baby's 1st birthday party.  A few themes have been thrown out in the mix but nothing set in stone.

So here I'm making goodies for a Fire Truck themed birthday.  I made some cupcakes to go along with the Fire Truck 3D cake that I'll show in tomorrow's post.  The request was 4 dozen Flame Cupcakes and 2 dozen cupcakes with a Fire Truck on each one.  (Yes if you read yesterday's post - this makes 132 cupcakes in one week!)

Cupcakes with Flames

I made red and orange frosting for the flames and piped out individual "flames" in each color on the cupcakes.
The view of one dozen.
A close up!
An even better close up.
Here you can get the side view effect of how the flames are "shooting" up!

Cupcakes with Fire Trucks on them.  

For the Fire Trucks, I decided to use a Fire Truck candy mold with chocolate candy melts. The mold is roughly 1 3/4" - perfect for setting on top of a cupcake!  For the cupcake I just made a simple buttercream frosting.  Before I piped the frosting out I took a paintbrush and added a line of Red coloring in my piping bag so when the frosting came out part of the cupcake would appear with red stripes.  I figured this would add a little more "pizazz" instead of a plain white cupcake with a truck on it.
Here you can see the stripes of red through the cupcake.
The final view from the front.  

I didn't add all the fire trucks to the cupcakes for fear the chocolate may "sweat" and bleed in to the frosting.  So I'm actually providing the cupcakes and fire trucks separately until the birthday party begins.

The cupcakes are a yummy slightly dense vanilla cupcake.  I'm still on the lookout for that awesome melt in your mouth super fluffy white cupcake.  So if you have a recipe like that, please post a link to it!  I'd greatly appreciate it!

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