Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

My sister asked if I could make a birthday cake for her neighbor's 3 year old Great Grandson.  She gave me the option of making a fire truck or Lightning McQueen  I'll be making a fire truck next week so I opted to make Lightning McQueen.

 Here is the cake after I applied homemade marshmallow fondant and the Oreo Wheels.  The fondant actually came out pink so I took some clear vanilla extract, a brush and dipped it into red food coloring and painted the fondant.  It was great because it made the car appear shiny.
 And after all - cars are shiny!  I didn't want to carve off too much cake so I honestly feel like this seems like one of those sports trucks but I was still happy with it.
 And here is the final result.  I replaced Lightning McQueen's real number with how old RJ (the Great Grandson) was going to be.

 I used Royal Icing to make all the details on the car except for the black frosting.  Since black is so challenging to make I buy Wilton's ready made black frosting.  Talk about a major save on coloring!!!!
 Here is the front view.
 The other side.
The rear.
And finally the top view.  I was very happy with my first 3D car cake.  The cake was made of a marble white and chocolate mix with half a filling of vanilla pudding and the rest layered with buttercream icing.  Now to see how next week's Fire Truck cake will turn out!  Plus on top of making 132 cupcakes!!!!!!!  I'll explain later...

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