Sunday, October 2, 2011

Frosted Sugar Cookies

My sister requested frosted sugar cookies in addition to a cake for a birthday party she is going to today.  I must thank her because it allowed me the opportunity to use a recipe from Annie's Eats (  The frosting is thinner than the frosted cookies you find at the grocery store but it is perfect.  You don't need a lot of frosting for this cookie so it's a great pairing.

I doubled the batch from the recipe and almost had enough frosting from the single batch listed on the recipe.  I only had to make a tiny bit extra.  I ended up getting roughing 60 cookies by doubling the recipe.  My sister wanted 4 dozen and I took the remaining in to work for my good friend's birthday.  I went with yellow for the frosting because it's been rather gloomy this past week with rain and I figured yellow would remind everyone of sunshine!  Silly I know but I wanted to use a color that would cheer people up!

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