Friday, October 21, 2011

Super Why Birthday Cake

So have you ever heard of Super Why!? I sure hadn't. It's definitely a kid thing. My little guy hasn't yet seen the Super Why series. But anyways, my friend asked if I could put two of the Super Why character on a cake for her son's 2nd birthday. I was up for a new challenge and appreciated the opportunity.

Here is a link to the Super Why website. I utilized their "design center" to get a poster of the two characters for the cake. Courtesy of the Super Why website this was what I used for inspiration on the cake.

And here is the final outcome of the cake:

My friend also said that her son loves the alphabet so I incorporated the alphabet along the sides of the cake.

The cake was a Chocolate Cake layered with an Oreo Cream Cheese filling. This is a large scale replica of the Oreo Mini Cakes/Cupcakes I posted about yesterday. I used a Chocolate Buttercream recipe to cover the entire cake.

As with every opportunity I get I always learn something new. In this challenge, I tested out painting on fondant. I used Wilton colors and lemon juice to paint with. A few things I realized while doing this was that 1) it is extremely challenging to get a skin color and a very pale pink color with the Wilton colors. 2) There were a LOT of colors for these characters. 3) I was pretty proud of my first attempt at painting on fondant.

I made my own fondant using a Marshmallow Fondant Recipe. I rolled it out very thin since it was just going to lay on top of the cake.

The challenge of the skin and pale pink colors made me be creative and pull in other colors to help mute it. For the skin color I used some yellow, orange, copper and brown. For the pale pink I added some purple and a tiny amount of yellow. When using white frosting it's definitely much easier to tone the color down.

Now I painted with lemon juice because it evaporates and doesn't leave a taste. You can also paint with clear vanilla extract but you will get a vanilla taste and you can paint with vodka which will also evaporate. I just happened to choose lemon juice because it was handy.

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