Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple Raisin Bars

I absolutely LOVE fall for the colors, flavors, smells but not for the allergies that tend to arise.  I live in the middle of farm country so now it's harvest season and the tractors are out in full force cutting down the corn making many people's allergies act up including mine.  Even my little baby has to have benadryl now and then.  But besides the allergy factor the awesome food factor and what is so readily available grows. Pumpkins and Apples GALORE!  I'm real big on apple desserts.  YUM!

So I was perusing through my Family Circle magazine - it's an old issue - about 2 months ago.  There was a section on apple desserts.  Oh be still my heart!  And one completely caught my attention.  Apple Raisin Bars!  You don't say?!?  Apples and Raisins oh my!  So I decided to make the super quick recipe to celebrate a co-worker's birthday - the only thing that took any time was dicing up the apples.  Otherwise this was the faster desserts I've made in weeks!  I added some powdered sugar to the top because what doesn't go well with powdered sugar?!?

 And I prefer to take my baked goods already cut when I take them to work so it's less fuss for my co-workers.  Look at that yummy goodness!
And here - the snow-capped bar!  Mmmm now if I could only serve this warm with some ice cold vanilla ice cream!  I can only imagine how much the wow factor on these bars would rise!

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