Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bear with Chicago Bears Jersey Cake

I made this cake last year for my nephew's birthday.  He's a huge Chicago Bears fan.  (Don't ask me why someone decided to put a Coca-Cola can next to the bear while I was taking the photo.)   

I used the Wilton Stand Up Cuddly Bear Cake Pan.  The nice thing about this pan is you can do a lot with the Bear.  Though - thus far I have only used the pan once.  There is a metal post up the middle of the bear to help it stand up. 

And this is the back of the Bear.  The "9" is for his age.  I did a vanilla cake and just used buttercream frosting.  You can tell I used real buttercream because the frosting is all shiny from the heat.  The party was at the beginning of June.


  1. This is so cute! Maybe when i go to culinary shool, i could attempt this and make it look halfway decent lol

  2. Thanks! It's actually not as hard as it appears! For my first attempt at it I was rather impressed!