Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cupcakes - Results from Cake Decorating Class 2

Tomorrow night is my last "Basic Cake Decorating" class.  Last week's class we took cupcakes and decorated them.  Here's how they turned out:

This one is just a simple swirl as I call it.  Using a big fancy tip to put your frosting on.  I was glad to learn how to do that because I see so many darling cupcakes on the Food Network shows and I always wanted to learn.
I was a rebel with this one.  For some reason the Basic class teaches you a very simple rose.  Honestly - I think it's ugly and doesn't represent a rose at all.  I was taught 20 some odd years ago how to really make a rose and so I just went with that.  I was pleased to say the least!
I decided to use a technique that is typically used on borders - the rosette!  I just made a bunch of them and I really like how it turned out.
This is the same rosette technique just in a different color.
Here are some simple flower with the big flower tip.  It was the same tip we used to make the "swirl" look.

This is the "Pom Pom" flower.  Honestly - it reminds me of crystal rock formations as well as the kryptonite from the Superman movies - though my "kryptonite" is pink!
I call these drop and twist flowers because you're using the same tip for the drop flowers but you turn your hand ever so slightly to the right or left to create the swirled flower.
And finally - another "Swirl" cupcake.  Though this one I learned how to make a filled cupcake.  FINALLY!  I've been wanting to know how you fill a cupcake.  The next picture shows the inside.  I think it would look more appealing to use white frosting on the inside instead of the colored pink frosting but I didn't really feel like changing my tip over to a white bag of frosting. 
Mmmmm Yummy Goodness!!!  Why not have a little extra bit of frosting?!?!  :-)  Tomorrow's class we do our "final" cake and get our diploma!  I think I'm just going to put Happy Labor Day on the cake and use red, white and blue colors to decorate with.  Next week will be a busy week for me.  I have an airplane cake to make and Bakugan cookies and a cake as well.  I'm hoping to test out a new cake pop too that I've devised a plan for.  All depends on how much free time I have as I'm also working on getting my food safety and sanitation certification so I have to do the "homework" for that class in my free time too. 

Life's more fun when you're busy doing something you enjoy!

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