Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

I saw this most amazing recipe and I just had to test it out.  Technically bread isn't a "dessert" per say, but in my book - this bread could be a close "dessert".  It totally reminds me of a cinnamon roll.  I decided to make this bread for our mini-vacation this past weekend. 

Here is the dough rising.  I was so proud it was actually rising.  I've made stuff with yeast before and it's never really turned out all that well.

After your dough rises you have to roll it out flat.  Then you sprinkle on your cinnamon sugar.  I like raisins so I opted to add some raisins to the bread.  As you can see there are 6 strips.  The pull apart bread is made by creating squares of bread that can be pulled off.  (Hence the name of the recipe.)  Then you layer the 6 strips and then cut 6 more sections.

After you have your 36 squares then you line them up in your pan as shown above.  I only did 1/2 raisins and 1/2 without raisins because I didn't know if the rest of my family would eat raisins.  But low and behold, they all do.  So next time I'll make it with all raisins.

Here's a picture of it fresh out of the oven.  Mmmmm!!!!!

I also embellished the recipe again by adding a simple drizzle of powdered sugar and milk.  The perfect amount of sweetness!!!  I'll definitely be making this again.  It was so delicious!  My family enjoyed it too!

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